we are digital amplification

At Grooveyard, we can help you to develop a digital amplification plan which goes beyond simple sharing on corporate social accounts.

We are just as committed to the details as we are to the bigger picture. And we know our clients are too. Our mission is to find a way for your brand to break through all the search and social noise. We work with you to ensure your content is reaching the right people through the right channels.

Not only do we help you to develop amazing live experiences, we can also help you to amplify your story, building your online audience across multiple platforms. Our team will ensure that you maximise the potential of your brand’s content, by segmenting and targeting your audience on their preferred channels, and helping you to build a social media following and connect with a wider audience.

The team at Grooveyard will let you focus your efforts on the quality of your content, while we boost its performance, encouraging engagement through comments, likes, shares, retweets etc.


Content Planning
Content Creation
Monitor Network Activity
Data Capture

Digital Engagement
Social Sharing & Advertising
Content Promotion
Record Impressions


We work with our clients to develop a strategic plan that suits your individual needs to promote your content across paid, earned, and owned media.

We utilise social media networks, engage thought leaders and quality bloggers  and tap into the largest online media outlets.

Grooveyard will give you a clear picture of when and where content will be seeded across the web, how interactions and impressions will be tracked and how these insights can be utilised to optimise your brand’s content marketing strategy.

Digital amplification & paid social media

A core part of digital amplification is paid social media. Our team will guide you through a range of suitable options, including advertising and promoted posts on Facebook, and Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn.

We will work alongside your content marketers to tailor your content to the specific online media.