Employee experience services

A strong employee experience is key to job satisfaction, delivering more engaged and productive employees with an increased quality of work.

Grooveyard work alongside some of the world’s leading brands to create unique, creative, inspiring and engaging events to help companies build and nurture their relationships with employees.


We create talkability and memorable occasions creating a positive atmosphere and fostering the relationship between employers and employees.


We create unforgettable events and engagements, which are unique to you and your brand and your employee demographic.  We develop an occasion and event that aligns uniquely to your company core values and deliver a seamless employee experience.

Employee Experiences Services

Event Design
RSVP Management
Event Management
Venue Management
Entertainment Programming and Planning

Catering Management
Engagement Activations
Wellness Activations
Logistics Coordination

How We Do Employee Experiences

Grooveyard’s Employee Experience Specialists are uniquely positioned to help you, deliver your message to your employees by creating compelling and captivating engagement opportunities and live events that drive productivity, optimal business outcomes, and workforce well-being.

The Employee Experience team can help you develop an experience to enhance and complement your core values and company message.

With 22 years events industry experience, we listen to you and develop an event with innovative ideas bringing knowledge and expertise to help you breathe life into your events.  We work with you to create your event KPI’s, gain an understanding of you and your employees and ensure we align with your company culture.

We develop entertainment and engagement opportunities that foster a culture of diversity and inclusion, creating a sense of community  and collaboration and ensuring attendees feel valued, engaged and connected to their employer and colleagues. Most of all we take the headache out of the organisation and plan, execute and deliver a unique and exhilarating event that leaves a lasting impression.