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Avoid burning out and WFH

  • 04/08/2021

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak we have been forced to change the way we work, live and train, it has been a complete lifestyle change for many of us.


Although working from home sounds amazing and has its perks, for example, no more rushing to get the kids to school or sitting in traffic for hours on end. But of course the thoughts of playing country music throughout the day and sitting with a stylist shirt on with the beautiful combination of your pyjamas bottoms for Zoom calls sound amazing.


In saying all this it may sound impossible but having to contend with distraction at home can feel a lot less productive and you may start to lose your mind looking at the same 4 walls.


So here are some tips  to avoid burning out that I have found useful but the main message is to draw the line between work and your lifestyle keeps this separate as much as possible.

  • Keeping your morning routine is essential when working from home to void burning out, the simple things like getting up, brushing your teeth, showering and simple just getting dressed, it is too easy to roll out of bed and grab a coffee and be at your workspace, so set rules/boundaries, by failing to prepare for the day, you prepare to fail.

morning routine

  • Workspace, try if possible to have a dedicated workspace, a desk is ideal but if not a table will do once you are sitting upright and not getting too relaxed, it is still working after all. Where ever you decide to work from keeping it as your workspace that way your mind recognises the workspace and it is more likely you will get more work done but more importantly when you leave this area your mind knows it can relax. We all know the saying ‘Don’t bring your work home with you, keep it separate from your day to day lifestyle’ actually I think I made that up, but the message is clear finding the work and life balance is key to a healthy life.


  • Getting out, every day I start by getting out walking the prom and grabbing a coffee, a change of scenery is good not to mention a bit of fresh air and daily exercise is great for the body and mind, try doing this before work and at lunch, it really helps break up the day in your mind as well as keeping your sanity when working from home.


  • Checking in with colleagues even if you don’t have a work related to reason, it’s not the same as a chat over coffee or beer after work but it helps keep the connection. Sometimes a chat is much better for both parties than your other boring email.

workspace colleagues

  • Lock the food drawer, it is far too easy to fall into the hole of snacking non-stop throughout the day, believe me. I find eating healthy regularly helps me avoid getting cravings but if you do enjoy snacks, pre-pick the healthy snacks and keep them near your work area to avoid the temptation.

avoid burning out snacks

  • Switching Off, our old lives we knew once we left work and got home it was time to unwind and relax, everyone has their own way of telling the brain you are switching off, to avoid burning out I personally train after work and that’s when my body knows that the day is over which is the opposite to what I would have done in the past by training first and been in 5th gear for the day.

avoid burning out switching off


  • Lastly, Enjoy your weekend, be it a walk in the park or a hike you need to relax and get out of the house, staycation having been a turning point for me as I completely switched off, airbnb give you some great options.

avoid burning out go for a walk


Hopefully you find these tips helpful when your working from home and hopefully avoid burning out as much as possible.

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