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Virtual Event Rehearsals

  • 29/09/2021

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Event rehearsals have always been vital to the success of an event and even more so now in this virtual event world we find ourselves in! Virtual event rehearsals will be no different!

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail, the more we plan and practise each element of our event the better it becomes for both the attendees and our clients. Event Rehearsals are the time to smooth out any kinks and solve any problems that may arise ahead of the main event. In order for your rehearsal to be as successful as possible it is key to view this as if you are ‘live’ on event day.

Screen View

Some elements of your virtual event such as performers and special guests may be new to having their content viewed on screen versus an in person audience. The rehearsal will allow you to see how this translates to screen and how an audience member might experience this. This will highlight to you if any of the content needs to be amended prior to the ‘live’ event.

Screen view is also important when considering the devices available for your attendees to join on. Rehearsals will ensure that all content can be viewed and engaged with multiple devices.

Presenters and Speakers

Factors like audio, picture and internet speed are the foundations of any presenter or speaker involved in a virtual event. A rehearsal allows for these elements to be checked and tested to allow for any changes should they be required.

For speakers and presenters that are familiar with in person events, the technology of virtual event platforms etc may be new and should be considered during their rehearsal.

Technical Team

Ensuring the technical team are comfortable with the running order of the ‘live’ event can be seen during the event rehearsals. It needs to be clear what is going on, in what order, who is cueing the content and how they will do so. Completing a rehearsal will calm the nerves and ease the pressure of your event team and build confidence for the ‘live’ event day.

Not making event rehearsals a priority can have huge implications for your ‘live’ event day for both your event team and attendees and is therefore a key element in virtual events.

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