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Events industry hot topics for 2018

  • 16/07/2018

Events industry hot topics for 2018


The events industry is an ever evolving landscape and with more and more events taking place we as organisers are expected to keep ahead of trends and deliver our clients the safest, most innovative and sustainable events.

So what are the key things we at Grooveyard have noticed are leading the way in the industry in 2018?



More experiential events



At a time when everyone is ultra-conscious of how they spend their time and who with, we as organisers need to deliver rich content, lasting connections and stimulating activities for clients.


Clients want a way to engage their audience, they are no longer satisfied with just brand presence they want an experience that consumers will remember.



Mental wellbeing and mindfulness



This is something that is becoming more prominent in our society and in a high pressured industry awareness around mindfulness is vital.  


Mindfulness is about training the mind to return to the present and resist the urge to wander. So more compassionate workplaces, more desirable and rewarding places to work is key to staff welfare. This helps employees to think in a healthier and less stressful way.






Safety has become an increasingly important factor when planning and delivering events.  A greater focus towards developing better event security and awareness is key and requires much wider stakeholder engagement to ensure the event remains successful and safe.






On May 25 2018, the new GDPR regulations came into effect. A key functionality of our industry is collating and storing personal information so updating our policies and procedures is vital.


The way marketing activities are managed and the way data is collected has now changed.  Obtaining customer consent and providing an option to withdraw consent is required and most importantly you must be able to prove that the individual has agreed to a certain action.






Since the 2012 London Olympics, sustainability has been become an important aspect of the events industry. There is an expectation on event organisers to plan and deliver events in a more efficient and responsible way and to ensure the impact of our the events helps to reduce our carbon footprint.


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