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  • 08/10/2018

Being bespoke: Event management tips for bespoke events


It can be hard to be bespoke in this ever-changing event world. At times it seems companies are simply replicating their previous events and using elements that they know to work instead of pushing boundaries and doing something different.

bespoke events


There are many ways we can add more creativeness to our events. Here are some simple tips to get the bespoke events ball rolling;


Start with your team

This isn’t to say everyone on your team needs to be hugely creative, but it is important that you have core members on board who are always on the hunt for new and exciting ways to make your events pop.


It’s also important with every new tender, that the team sits down and brainstorms. Coming up with fresh ideas every time is vital. It ensures the team never relies less on old ideas and always presents something fresh to clients.

bespoke events


Work with new suppliers

The fantastic thing about the Irish events industry is that it is up and coming. It’s important to invite these new companies in for discussions, because it is highly likely that they have some really cool ideas, whether it be production based, prop making, set design, branding; all of these can add the unique elements all bespoke events yearn for.


Be Experiential

A huge trend right now is inviting the attendee to ‘experience’ the story of your brand/ client. The goal is to be as immersive as possible. This can be achieved by working with tech and production suppliers who are interested in pushing the bar and creating something truly bespoke. Whether it be cool and quirky props or an interactive VR game, the opportunities to be immersive are endless.


Search for Inspiration

Always be on the hunt for something spectacular. Whether that means scrolling through Pinterest for new themes or researching what global event companies are doing, research constantly; so that when a new opportunity to tender arises, you are coming at it with a new approach and a bag full of brand new concepts.


Being bespoke doesn’t necessarily mean you’re totally out of the box every single time,  sometimes it means smaller more memorable touches that an attendee can take away from the event.


Our final tip is: always strive to be better than the last time. Ensure you sit down after each event and debrief, what worked? What needed adjusting? How can we add flare to the less obvious pieces?


Remember with bespoke events – It starts with a good idea and ends with a fantastic experience.


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