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  • 20/09/2018

Small Changes for a Big Impact:
Green events – Event Management Companies need to be accountable


As individuals, we often feel that the small, everyday actions we take do not have a great effect on the world we live in – when in fact, it is the complete opposite. When you think about it in the greater sense, if large numbers of people started making small positive changes, imagine the effect that would have!


The good news – we have the ability as event planners to contribute to this change, starting with our events. We have an important role to play in encouraging people to make better choices to benefit our health and our environment. So how do we turn regular events into green events? Have a read of our green events tips below.


Green events tips

Donating leftover food

Reducing the amount of paper and plastic waste from events is becoming standard practice – Everyone knows how to reduce, reuse and recycle. But what about the volume of untouched food that is discarded at the end of an event? More times than not, this food is suitable for re-consumption, and with one in eight people living in Ireland experiencing food poverty – surely there is a better solution! Un-used food can be donated to charities that distribute it to those in need. This not only benefits the community but also the environment by reducing the waste going to landfill.


Paperless events are green events

Digital content provides convenience for attendees while benefitting the environment at the same time. The easy access to updated, personalised information adds value for users while saving costs on printing, shipping and distribution for you. Make sure to communicate the benefits of eliminating printed materials in advance of your event to help promote attendee buy-in. (For more ways to make your event more sustainable, you can read our post ‘5 ways to make your event more sustainable’ for some tips on creating a more sustainable event).


Attendee satisfaction

Research has shown that donating to charities and those in need makes us feel better about ourselves. Why not partner your event with a client’s chosen charity and give attendees the opportunity to donate to the cause – either via the event mobile app or at event registration. Make sure to make the attendees aware of how their contribution has made a difference in the lives of others!


Staff awareness

Awareness is key, if you’re staff understanding of your efforts to make events more sustainable, then it is less likely you will be able to make the overall necessary changes. Whether it be brand ambassadors, crew members, or account managers; ensure that they are fully aware of the new sustainable features you plan to implement in your green event.


By implementing these changes in your procedures and policies for each event, you’ll find that the smallest of efforts can affect your business massively, in a good way!


Grooveyard Event Management holds a Green Hospitality Certification. We are committed to actively managing our environmental footprint and are taking specific actions to minimise energy consumption, water consumption and reduce waste sent to landfill.


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