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  • 14/08/2018

Top 5 reasons why AV is fundamental to your corporate event’s success.

AV (audiovisual) in its purest description is making all relevant aspects of the content within a corporate event, bigger, brighter, and louder.


1. Being ‘Loud’ enough

‘Loud’, meaning clear audio clarity not, extreme volumes at eardrum shattering levels that distorted. The sound engineers’ goal when operating any sound desk is clarity and to make the person presenting on stage sound like they are right beside you, not only are they beside you but also the other 800+ delegates. Anyone can make it louder, but can he/she make it clear? Do not think you can operate the microphone(s) if you have not EQ’d a room before. Be sure to hire an Audio technician. That in-house PA system is not good enough, it never is.


2. The bigger visual, the better

No one will ever complain that “the screen is too big’’, only how ‘small’ the screen is, and that they could not read the smaller text on the slides. You do not want this happening at your event, whatever the info on screen is, everyone needs to read/see it clearly. This could mean multiple screens, relay screens etc. Factors to consider are projector lumens, natural light sources, and the placement of screens. Comfort monitor, notes monitor? Cue systems.


3. The bright lights of AV

Number one rule when it comes to lighting your corporate event (indoor) – if you plan on taking pictures and/or videos, is that you most certainly need lighting. A simple podium/stage wash often does everything needed, all other forms of lighting come down to mood lighting, how warm/cold you want the room etc. Lighting becomes a complicated issue when it’s an outdoor event, everything is competing against the brightest object in our solar system, this is crucial to remember.


4. The content needs to be clear

Now is not the time to cut corners and costs! UHD 4K is fast becoming an industry standard. Your media content should always be the highest quality possible, with a minimum resolution of 1920×1080 24fps. A short video clip recorded on a phone will look and sound terrible on a large screen and PA system. PowerPoint/Keynote presentations are powerful ways to get a message across when done right, create a template for your event so everyone contributing can be coherent with others. 16:9 aspect ratio has been a standard for years, your TV at home is widescreen so why build a presentation in 4:3?


5. Doing it right

Stay away from venue in-house AV systems (there are exceptions of course) in our experience. More screens are better but more speakers than needed is not always the best practice.


Hire a skilled technician to look after the AV, hire a production manager to ensure the technicians know their role and to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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