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Event Planning 2020

  • 19/12/2019

Meetings and events are growing and evolving rapidly.  Event organisers have to adjust to expectations in 2020 to ensure we are ahead of curve and adapting to changes and new trends in the industry. Our final blog of the year “Event Planning 2020” will be your guide to top new trends in 2020.

Being aware of the changes needed and also having the ability to adapt to the required changes will ensure attendee numbers will continue to rise and guests and clients will be entertained and happy.


Here are 5 key trends to consider when planning your event in 2020:


Strong Emphasis and Focus on Sustainability.

Sustainability can no longer be an afterthought.  As event managers we are responsible for the impact our events are having so we have to start thinking about ways and means to improve and reduce the impact of our events.  Not only is this vital for the survival of our environment but also this is becoming a key focus on the way people interact with businesses and organisations.


We have not only a responsibility to reduce our impact but to educate and encourage our attendees to play their part also.


Virtual Planning of Events

Staying in line with the sustainable solution already mentioned and also adapting to the increase in the number of events we are planning we as event organisers need to be more efficient with our time.


We are seeing more and more venues offering 3D or VR floor plans and event space viewings. There has been a rise on the number of online venue sourcing tools with all the information you need to plan your event. Video meetings and conference calls are also becoming more popular and clients are requesting to reduce the need for face to face meetings.  The tools are already available to virtually plan your event we just have to start using them more.


Interactive Event Entertainment

Guests and clients these days are expecting more and more from their events.  We need to ensure that attendees take as much away from the event as possible and they also want and expect more direct engagement and involvement.


Making attendees engage with the information they have been offered should be a key focus.  Hands-on demonstrations, workshops and more interactive engagement pieces are significant to this.

Diversity and Inclusion

We live in a world of openness, diversity and inclusion and it’s so important to incorporate this into your event.


Catering for all types of attendees throughout the event is a key component of your planning, whether it be dietary requirements, catering and menu options, services you offer for attendees, the language(s) the event is available in and even in the choice of venue with location and accessibility.


Consideration needs to be made for all aspects and all attendees.


Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is one sure way to impress attendees and improve their experience.


This is an easy experience for guests where all the information they need for the event us easily available on one device.  Whether it be itinerary’s, exchanging of information with other attendees, hotel room number and key, event tickets etc. This technology is growing in its capabilities and popularity and is definitely something to watch for your next event.





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