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Waterproofing Your Event

  • 29/03/2019

Waterproofing Your Event

Now that we are coming into Spring and the days are getting brighter and the evenings longer, we can finally start looking forward to some outdoor events. However, as we well know, the weather in Ireland is very temperamental and sunshine is never guaranteed even on the best of days meaning weatherproofing your outdoor events should always be a top priority. The unfortunate likelihood is that the heavens will open and rain will pour down and ruin all your hard work and months of planning. Avoid disappointment & wet and unhappy guests by incorporating these 5 tips to waterproofing your event in the planning process. 


1. Incorporate Stretch tents & coverings in your event

If your event is taking place outdoors, consider incorporating stretch tents or marquees into the set up to act as an outdoor shelter for your guests. This is the best way to protect against unforeseen weather and keeps your guests in one location instead of moving them elsewhere. You can also add heaters to your sheltered space to add some warmth. If you are using outdoor furniture, tables and chairs for your event, add umbrellas with stands to each that can be quickly put up to protect your guests from the sudden change in weather, while allowing them to comfortably stay seated where they are. These cover options are an easy and efficient way to weatherproof your event – make sure they are effectively branded to raise your brand awareness.


2. Add Flooring & Walkways

Be mindful of the ground when choosing your outdoor venue, try to avoid choosing spaces that have a lot of dirt and muck as this will turn to mud once it starts to rain. If you are limited for choice, you can avoid this by spreading wood chips or hay on the ground so your guests can avoid the mud. In larger events with high footfall, consider using secure flooring for walkways and busy areas to prevent slips and trips in case of inclement weather. Non-slip flooring is essential to avoid accidents in wet environments when there are large groups of people present.


3. Distribute Waterproof Wear

Be in a position to accommodate guests with waterproof gear, such as branded ponchos, that can be quickly and easily distributed should it start to rain. These are quick and cheap to produce and are a simple & effective way to raise your brand awareness at an event.


4. Have a Contingency Plan

Make arrangements in advance for the use of an indoor space if there is one available to you. Have this space on hold for the date of your event date and ensure your event can be easily adapted to this space should there be a sudden change in the weather.


5. Brief your team on a backup plan

Whether the weather decides not to co-operate right before or during your event, make sure your team are fully briefed on the back-up plan. Each of your staff should know exactly what they need to do and when for a smooth and efficient transition.  Staff running around clueless will only add to the madness!


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