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2022 Event Trends

  • 12/08/2022

Live events are back with a bang for 2022! Let’s have a look at some of the 2022 event trends that have come to light in 2022 so far.

Hybrid is here to Stay


event trends 2022

With the growth in virtual event platforms and technologies since the start of the pandemic it’s no surprise that hybrid events are top of our list of 2022 event trends and event managers are planning to incorporate virtual elements into live events going forward. Hybrid events provide the best of both worlds, allowing for in person interactions with colleagues, consumers and brands while giving potential access to a wider audience that can’t attend in person. Hybrid events also allow for the opportunity to have global speakers & celebrities as part of a keynote or a panel with less travel & time commitments needed from them to attend in person.


Increase in Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Offerings

Merchandisers, vendors & suppliers are committing for more sustainable practices and providing eco-friendly events for clients and partners. Event professionals are making a renewed effort to reuse existing materials and infrastructure to create something new with a lesser impact on the environment. Some hotel groups now have the ability to offer carbon-neutral meetings to assist clients & agencies in achieving their goals of running sustainable events. Minimising the need for event travel is a great way to improve the overall sustainability of an event. Utilising hybrid technologies where possible and providing group transportation to limit the need for individual cars are two ways to do this.


AR & VR Integration


Augmented and virtual reality experiences are becoming increasingly popular at live events. AR and VR tools can be used for product demonstrations, entertainment and to engage and network with a virtual audience. Some AR tech has become so advanced in recent years and there are AR apps readily available on most smartphones. AR & VR technologies have also been used very effectively for site visits for venues throughout the pandemic with people unable to travel to view venue spaces.


Event Apps

Event apps have become a great tool for supplying event information and facilitating connections with event attendees at all stages. They are a practical, convenient way to communicate with attendees before, during and after events and are an excellent tool for data capture. Apps encourage interaction and engagement between attendees and allow event organisers a platform to direct engagement to certain areas. For example, points can be earned for interacting with a sponsor area of the app or for submitting questions to Q&A panels.

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