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Event Management Festival Season

  • 20/06/2022

Crowd Safety and Event Management Festival Season



As the summer approaches and the hot weather is beginning, you can tell it’s the start of festival season here in Ireland. As we call it Event Management Festival Season. Ireland is host to many festivals throughout the year. Events can be great fun to organise, but they can also be extremely challenging. Experiencing large crowds at festivals is no small task. Event managers and companies often find themselves trying to manage potentially dangerous hazards and the health and safety of hundreds or even thousands of people all at the same time. event management festival


Crowd safety is one of the most important factors when it comes to event management during festival season. As you can tell from recent events festivals can turn into a scary situation when crowd safety isn’t adhered to throughout the event. Festivals can become overrun with roads and if the event safety controller doesn’t follow protocols and the right medical staff are not available at the festival people can get hurt badly. 


Medical Staff 

Ensuring you have the correct amount of trained medical staff available at the festival is a very important factor of event management especially during the event season. Festivals can hold thousands of attendees and all of those attendees can quickly become enclosed in one area depending on what is on at that festival. To ensure you have medical staff trained to get through crowds at a fast pace with the correct medical resources needed is very good at 



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The correct fencing. Being used at fencing is a vital event management tool to ensure the safety of attendees
high-security railings can often be easily moved around to fit the needed situation.
To ensure a safe event for all attendees the correct fencing choices is very important for the wellbeing the attendee. For instance whist cueing to enter the event, this can become a dangerous situation if it becomes overcrowded and nowhere to go with the correct fencing being used the fencing should be easily moveable and lo enough that attendees can get over the fencing if needed be. 


Briefing Staff

Ensuring the staff that will be operating at your event is one of the most important factors of event management to ensure the health and safety of attendees at a festival. All staff that are to step onsite at a  festival must ve briefed, on their role, the health and safety measures that are to be adhered to onsite and what to do in an emergency. If staff are not briefed and are not prepared for any emergency that could arise it can be damaging to the health and safety of the attendees. The attendees rely on the safety knowledge of the staff in an emergency and if the staff is not prepared then it can lead to a medical emergency or worse a loss of life. 




These are just some of the aspects to ensure the health and safety you must know from event management to ensure the safety of attendees at festivals. If these aspects are not followed it can lead to danger at festivals show bad health and safety at events as an event manager this is something you do not want to happen at your festivals. 

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