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Best Corporate Team Building Ideas

  • 30/04/2020

Team building activities are crucial if you want to strengthen team dynamics because it’s all about your businesses most valuable asset-your staff. Team building exercises are often part of Corporate events or conferences and are made up of different tasks aimed at increasing teamwork performance. Many organisation choose to overlook team-building exercises as it is time away from the office and it’s an expense for the company. The most successful organisation take advantage of Team Building Exercises as they reap the benefits of these exercises in the long term. There are many Team Building events which your company can take part in and here at Grooveyard we want to provide you with the best Corporate Team Building event ideas for the future.


Get Crafty

For your next Team Building event why not let your staff get involved in some arts and crafts. One of the more popular arts and crafts activities is a Big Picture. This is where the group collaborate and paint small segments and work together in an attempt to create a finished masterpiece. Other arts and crafts activities can involve the group designing and building their very own model city out of a number of everyday, reusable materials and building a pyramid using only cardboard and teamwork.


Get Outside

Shake things up with some outdoor team building activities. Organise a sports day or set out an obstacle course filled with well-thought-out games and challenges to test your staff. Have your staff work together, solve problems and collaborate as a unit in a chance to be crowned office champions. Another great outdoor activity is a scavenger hunt which can help bond new team members or strengthen relationships of existing staff. From Trivia Challenges to exploring a town or city, a scavenger hunt is a unique team-building exercise.


Become Directors and Film Stars

Let your team create a short film or advert to showcase your company’s mission objectives. Film making can fit into different styles of company training or for entertainment purposes. In this film you can express a powerful message or a new company initiative in a serious manner or, on the contrary, in a funny, sarcastic and captivating manner. The development of a video clip involves a significant amount of organisational skills, coordination and time management. For this reason, movie-making team-building exercises can teach managers and workers a lot on teamwork for the future.


Remote Team Building

In light of the recent pandemic, companies now are looking to run Team Building exercise remotely for the foreseeable future. A number of different options are available for your Virtual Event whether you would like to have an interactive quiz or take part in a murder mystery game the options are endless. Have your team take part in a cooking class or let them brush up on their painting skills while taking a sip of prosecco. Remote Team Building exercises will be here to stay and is a great opportunity to boost morale and keep your team motivated while working from home.


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