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Let’s Talk Incentive Programmes

  • 22/11/2022

It’s coming up to exciting times as we approach the end of the year and reflect on the year that has been 2022. The Christmas Holiday season will bring a chance for many to take a well-deserved break, but is this anticipation for an end of year break enough for your employees or should you be doing more incentive programmes for them throughout the year?

With the pace of life returning to an all time high, team members can often experience burnout after a busy period, or perhaps they appear less motivated than usual. In this blog, we will showcase three incentives that you could introduce to incentive programmes to help your employees feel more motivated and less like they are in need of a break. Continued initiatives throughout the year to reward your team for hard work can boost team morale and make them feel more motivated in work.

Employee Recognition

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Employee recognition comes in many forms; ensuring the recognition you offer is memorable to your employee should guide your decision making when curating an incentive programme. Recognition is more effective when it’s given in context. Point out how someone’s behaviour or achievement demonstrates company values, helps achieve a team goal, or gets the team closer to your company’s mission and vision. The scale of recognition can vary based on your budget from letters of appraisal to award ceremonies. Award ceremonies can be a great way to bring your company together and celebrate team members and showcase their work on a company wide level. If you are thinking of organising an awards ceremony, check out our previous blog post ‘The Key to Successful Awards’ for our main tips when it comes to organising awards.

Making Activities Available That Align With Employee Interests

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Actively finding out about your employees passions and trying to find ways to integrate their interests into the workplace is another beneficial inclusion to your incentive programme. If a number of employees love to play a particular sport, encourage them to consider forming a team and enter a local league. Alternatively, based on the size of your company you could consider creating a casual company league.

You can also put the power of choice into employees hands by offering a selection of experiences to choose from when you want to give them something that is truly memorable. 

Employee Discount Schemes

Discount schemes are highly effective incentives and bring many benefits to workplaces of all sizes. Discounts or complimentary packages can be offered to your employees for the service you provide. To add an extra touch, there are several platforms that allow your employees to access discounts for external companies that they would purchase from day to day. This contributes positively to employees’ work-life balance as they make savings on everyday items due to the benefits their employer is providing.


The main thing to remember when creating incentive programmes is to keep your employees and their interests at the forefront of your decision making. The three initiatives highlighted in this blog are real crowd pleasers! Why not give it a go?

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