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Social Media: Promote Your Event

  • 19/03/2021

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Social media is a powerful method of getting your message out to the masses. This past year has shown many people the importance of using these platforms to communicate with each other, whether that is from an agency or personal standpoint. Social media can help promote any event and get relevant information out to the correct people. So, it really is a no-brainer to make the most out of the tools that people like Mark Zuckerberg have given us.

Create a Strategy

Before starting to promote your event on social media platforms, it’s a good idea to create a strategy or plan for your social media posts. Starting off with your goals for your campaign, setting clear goals and objectives will help ensure you are using your time and platforms correctly.


Have Strong and Consistent Messaging

Next you need to choose the correct platforms to make use of to promote your event. Different platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter will reach different demographics, so choose wisely to ensure you’re reaching the correct people.

The messaging that you are using on your social media needs to be strong and consistent across all posts and also on each platform you are choosing. It’s important to post the correct content to each platform. For example, LinkedIn is best for promoting B2B content, Instagram is best suited for visuals, Tiktok for short videos and Twitter should be used for quick real-time updates.


Event Specific #hashtags

Creating an event specific hashtag is a great way to ensure your event content is in one place and easily accessible to those who need it.

When deciding your hashtag, it is very important to remember a few things. You need to ensure your hashtag is unique, so it doesn’t get lost amongst content that is irrelevant to your event.

The best hashtags are those which are short, easy to spell and make sense to your event and brand. This will ensure it’s as accessible as possible to your attendees.

Finally, you need to make sure you are actually using your chosen hashtag on all posts so that people are familiar with it before the event takes place.


Make Use of Social Media Features

Each social media platform can offer different tools that will help to promote your event organically. Features such as countdown timers which are available on Instagram can help build anticipation for your event.

Facebook is a useful platform for event managers, by creating event pages that can give your attendees a sense of community and a place to talk about your upcoming event. In addition to this it can give you an idea of the numbers of people who are interested in attending.


Allow Speakers and Employees to Promote Your Event

Your speakers and employees will have networks of their own who are interested in what they are doing. So why not use these networks to help promote your event organically?

Top tip – Creating content ahead of time for speakers and employees to post during the event will ensure all posts stay on brand.


Build Anticipation

It’s important to post consistently in the lead up to your event to build anticipation among your attendees. Posting teasers of the event or releasing the agenda before are great ways of getting your attendees excited for what’s to come.


Finally, it’s important to remember to post on your social media after the event. This is your time to thank your attendees for joining and build the excitement for your next event! 


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